Bright Technologies is something totally different than a typical software house…

We need to answer the question: how our new application will support your business and how it will affect your clients? Sometimes it will be a higher quality of services and sometimes a new functionality, which will make you more competitive on the market. If you think that our application is not beneficial to your clients – it means that you do not see it yet or do not need such a solution at all.

Our predominance is a team. Among us you can find not only software engineers but also electronical engineers, mathematicians, graphic designers and … economists. We have in-depth experience both in a software design and in a business consulting with track record in Deloitte, A.T Kearney, Roland Berger, Accenture and others.

Long story short, you can get consulting service, software design and implementation in one!


We are fascinated by mobility, utility, and simplicity…

We specialize in e-payments, mobile & web apps and GPS localization and we are simply… good at it.


There is no room for improvisation…

Sprintino – first app for food delivery.
Sprintino is a very new and unique solution dedicated to smart restaurants and cafes who takes care about their guests by food delivery. It provides control of the full delivery process in a very simple and effective manner. Delicious food with no delay straight to the door of our guests. The satisfaction of guests in your restaurant is important to us. 

iPOT – POS software for small restaurants
IPOT is a simple solution dedicated to small restaurants and cafes. It provides control of the full customer service by mobile phone. Your Guest can easily make and order on mobile and get notification also on mobile when it is ready to pick up. There is no necessary to stay in a queue. It means more time for you to prepare delicious meal for your Guests.


Think smart not hard!

In our work we always follow the values – our core values, which can also describe best how we work.

Designing our solutions, we put our money on SIMPLICITY, because we make life easier, we do not complicate anything. We value AESTHETICS, because the tools for our clients are to represent them, they are their best visit cards. FUNCTIONALITY is a precise answer to the customer’s needs. What is important to you is our priority.